Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Night of Inspiration

An evening honouring the heroes and heroines of Malaysian peasant movements provided an uplifting end to the day’s proceedings. Hosted by PAN AP with Dr Romy Quijano as MC, the evening began with dinner and then honoured each of the five awardees and presented them each with a pewter gift to remember the evening.


Che Ani Mat Zain - a leader from the MADA district who has been fighting for the wellbeing of farmers and fishers for over two decades.

Hj Saidin (Posthumous) – Hj Saidin passed away in 2007, but his name and contribution have had a lasting impact on fishermen’s groups and grassroots leaders.

Tijah Yok Chopil – an indigenous women’s leader from Perak.

Noor Anak Nyawai – an Iban farmer from Bintulu Division, Sarawak, he is the village chief of Kampung Sekabai Bintulu Sarawak who has been an inspiring and constantly energetic leader of the families in his 64-door longhouse, about 800 people in total.

Ason Anak Belilie – a traditional farmer and spiritual head of Kampung Ensika Sebangan Simunjan in Sarawak. He is an expert in his village on traditional customs and practices and is one of the strongest advocates of traditional practices and livelihoods.

To end off the evening, Biju Negi read an inspirational poem.

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