Monday, September 28, 2009

YORA Celebration of Biodiversity Evening

The Save Our Rice Campaign organised and hosted the People’s Year of Rice Action (YORA) Celebration of Biodiversity Evening consisting of an exhibition and bazaar along with the YORA Hall of Biodiversity and Rice for Life Dinner. The event also featured special rituals and a seed exchange between sub-regions in Asia.

The celebration started with a welcoming speech by Mr. Jayankumar from THANAL, India and a rice blessing by an indigenous elder to celebrate the role of rice and biodiversity in our lives and affirm our solidarity in bringing about social transformation.

The YORA Hall of Biodiversity featured the YORA events in various countries through photographs and showcased rice and other traditional local biodiversity-based products of Asia through the exhibit. The following organisations proudly displayed their publications and products: Barcik; Beej Bacaho Andolan; Consumers Korea; Ibon Foundation; Living Farms; PACOS; PAN Philippines; RRAFA, Esan Live Styes Association and Organic Agriculture Centre; SADIA; SAEDA; Sawit Watch; SEVA; SRD; SRED; THANAL and; Vikalpani. Participants were also given special Rice Gifts.

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